How To Score A Worth-it Home Based ESL Job

“What is ESL?”

A question frequently asked by most who are not familiar with the industry but are interested to teach foreign students. ESL or English as a Second Language is undoubtedly one of the most famous home-based jobs in the Philippines but up to this day, it remains underrated.

Over hundred thousand Koreans and Chinese enroll to ESL schools to learn the language. Why? Generally, Chinese/Koreans learn English to get good score on the exams, to find a good job, to go abroad for study and most importantly because English has become the global language of business, it is imperative that those who wish to succeed in the global marketplace have a reasonable command of written and spoken English.

I’ve been in the industry for almost 6 years and I’ve handled Chinese and Korean students, from zero learners to advance learners and I can confidently say that it’s easy as A-B-C to land a job in this industry if you have enough passion in teaching.

Let me help you score an ESL job and you can thank me later after finding out how not so difficult it is to pursue a teaching career.


Desktop computer/Laptop (preferably i3 processor, 4g ram)

Headset with Noise Cancellation

Webcam (built in from laptop or USB type)

at least 3mbps download and .80 mbps upload speed

Passion (equip yourself with a lot)


1. ESL Home-based jobs come in 2 forms 

a. Part time – this type of ESL job requires minimum of 4 hours. Administrators/supervisors may ask you to open booking slots between 7pm -11pm (peak hours)
b. Full time – just like an office based set-up, you are required to render an 8 hour availability to teach students. Full time may also refer to admin post like what I am doing.

2. There’s a thick line between “I know how to speak English” and “I know how to teach English”

In ESL, it is not necessary that you have a degree in teaching English but, it is not enough that you know how to speak the Language. You need a certain passion to achieve success in this field. “Patience is a virtue” applies here because, you will encounter difficult students who don’t speak even a bit of English.

3. Preparedness is the key to success and victory – Douglas McArthur

Many times, aspiring tutors fail in this area. Because they know it is easy, preparation is taken for granted. In every job you will apply to, it is a rule of thumb to always be prepared. It is a must to come to grips with basic knowledge in English especially grammar. Basically, ESL companies provide grammar assessments to filter applicants who can really teach English. Believe me, if you know the basics, you will pass with flying colors and will eventually get hired. Do your homework.

4. Stay safe and follow instructions.

Whatever direction is in the job post, follow it. Most of the time, employers don’t bat an eyelash to those who do not know how to follow simple instructions. Based on my experience as a social media manager of Mr. Language (17Lingo) Page/accounts, applicants still send personal messages asking “How to apply?” even though all the essential information are laid in front of them. If you catch yourself doing this, stop by all means. Read thoroughly and absorb the instructions.

5. ESL is Diverse

I’ve mentioned earlier that I have handled Chinese and Korean students, but please take note that ESL students are not only limited to Chinese and Koreans, there are also Japanese, Brazilians, Vietnamese, Thais and many more nationalities who are now embracing ESL programs. Classes can be a typical one on one and sometimes, group classes are held.

5. ESL tutors are underrated.

Don’t take this negatively yet. You will see a lot of ESL Schools pooling for candidates and offering too low rates for such a noble job. Still, there are schools online that offer at least 200php/hour – this should be the benchmark of rate (in ESL) if you believe teaching is your niche. You need to prove you’re worth of this rate though, if not, then you have to work your way out.

6. Always wear a smile. 🙂

In ESL, it is a must to always have that genuine smile to attract students. When you apply, employers assess your attitude when you communicate as part of the process. Most students in ESL are kids that’s why you have to equip yourself with patience, assertiveness and perkiness. When these things blend in right together, your journey in this field will be harmonious.

Landing a home-based teaching job maybe easy but it still depends on how passionate you are into getting this. I surely want to see people who will have the chance to read this blog pursue a career in this field. To help you more, I will share some of Online ESL schools that pay at least 200/hour.

ReachEnglish HQTeacher
you may send your audio samples and resumes at

earn up to $10/hour

Talk Planet
offers 200-1,600 yen /25mins – 200php-740php per hour.

Hours-rate 200PHP

Alue Philippines

250php per hour

Futian English Online
rate 250/hour
Send your resume with cover letter to
Record 3 minute self intruduction MP3 format. Send to the above address (Find wall post for important details).

100-150 pesos per 35 mins class
Please send your resume/CV with a photo, your Skype ID,current location to and we’ll contact you to arrange a Skype interview and demo class soon

For interested applicants or referrals kindly send resume at
SALARY RATE : 250 to 350 per hour

Mr. Language
15 rmb (Php 108) per 25-minute class
*We are currently not hiring*

rate can be from 5 USD/60 minutes
requires a one minute video introduction and cv sent to

Talking 121
Base salary is 200 pesos per 50 minutes on weekdays and 240 pesos per 50 minutes on weekends.
please send the following to this email address:

1. Updated resume/CV with picture
One to Two minutes audio or video self introduction

Hope these information help you a lot and may you find the most worth-it ESL home based job you are looking for. Don’t forget to click subscribe. 🙂

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