It was a fine day to do a gastronomic adventure with my bess Van and Beb Jelai. We decided to hit Manila and do Divisoria haul. When we arrived, our eyes feasted on affordable stuffs you can buy from all corners of the street! We all know that you’ll get more discounts for buying in bulk there however, shopping is that last thing on our list. We roamed the streets of Divisoria to check what we can bring home and voila! I got my kid a good quality study table. How lucky could I get when it was offered for PHP 1200 peso and I drove the price down to PHP1000. Talk about haggling – i’m the queen. 🙂

So after tiring our feet, we finally decided to give in to our hunger. If home is where my heart is, i’d say, Binondo is where my stomach is. Braving the metro traffic jam and scorching hot summer weather, I once again set my foot to taste one of Binondo’s iconic restaurant’s best offers, where else could it be, but Ying Ying Tea House!


Ying ying Tea House is not as glamorous as what you expected it to be but the lack of aesthetic property didn’t quite diminish the fact that it houses awesome dishes that are undeniably sought after. They welcomed us with hot jasmine tea which, according to Jelai, tastes like sampaguita, but ofcourse, it’s JASMINE TEA!


Our order consisted of:


Pork & Century Egg Congee (110php)

The pork in it is very tender (you won’t need to ask your partner to chew it for you), the century egg though failed my expectation of tasteful, but compared to other congee this one is really scrumptious.
Score: 7.5/10


Beef Brisket Mami (110 php)

Generously served (almost everything they offer is good for 2-3 pax). The beef is flaky, which is exactly how I wanted beef to be when I am eating.
Score: 8/10


Sharksfin (75php for 3 large pieces)

Here is one of the best dumplings I have ever tasted in my whole life (no pun intended). Its texture is perfect and the way it’s steamed is right enough to tickle your intestines. This is a must try!
Score: 10/10


Pork and shrimp canton (180 php)

It didn’t quite hit my benchmark for the most flavorful pancit. It tasted ordinary but compared to your everyday pancit bihon, this one kinda raised the bar a bit.
Score: 6/10


Fried Dumplings (135 php)

Another best of the best here at YYTH. It’s never complete without the flavorful sauce. I’m not a fan of sweets but this one blended just right to calm my hungry senses. Why does it have to be this good? I ended up ordering a take out.
Score: 10/10


You might also wanna try their roast duck menus. I was able to taste it when I went here the first time but I didn ‘t like it because it has a strong taste. It’s like chicken but more flavorful.

Ying Ying Tea House not only offers you one of the best foods in Binondo but their service crews are impressive as well. They’re very prompt when it comes to customer’s orders and they will not make you wait for a lifetime to eat your desired foods. YYTH is open from 7AM to 2AM Mondays to Sundays and is located at:

233-235 Dasmarinas Corner Yuchengco Street,
Binondo, Manila
02 3109031 / 02 3109032

Indeed Binondo is not just historic but also outstanding when it comes to authentic Chinese food. Come visit YYTH anytime and have a taste of their best offers.



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