JongLo Korean Restaurant Review


Jonglo Korean Cuisine is fun, different, and apparently it’s almost close to authenticity since this is owned by an Authentic Korean.

You can try the traditional costumes for free and the servers will be glad to help you with your group photo ops. Just don’t take too much of their time as they are serving a lot of costumers during peak hours.

The combination of quantity and festive atmosphere more than offsets the inconsistent food quality (esp the samgyupsal), though some of the best sellers are quite good.

We had Kimchi Chige, Ramen, Bulgogi, Rapokki, Kimbap (cheese), Sogogi and Samgyupsal. I ended up losing appetite with the Kimchi Chige because it really is spicy (i love spicy food but this one challenged my capacity to eat one, I surrendered). The Kimbap is okay as well as the Rapokki. The Ramen is so-so and the Bulgogi is too sweet for my taste buds. Compared from other Korean resto I dined at before, their Samgyupsal tasted so bland. The sesame oil didn’t taste like sesame at all and I don’t know if they served Gochujang / kochujang (hot red pepper paste) or Doenjang / dwenjang (soybean paste) because we only had one on our table. The servings, though, are big enough to satisfy our hunger. The price just gave justice to everything that we had. So affordable!

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I think they should try to overhaul the place and give it a 100% Korean look so a lot more people would frequent the place. And they should add grillers too so we can experience real Korean dining.

Jonglo is a must-try Korean Resto in Manila. So you can tell your friends about this place. It’s worth paying a visit!

Where is this located?
1734 J. Bocobo St., Malate, Manila

Take a train ride from Gil Puyat Station and descend at Pedro Gil Station. Cross the street in front of Mang Inasal and walk along Pedro Gil Street to Robinson’s Place Ermita. Go across the road in front of the Mall Entrance. (Don’t cross in front of BDO) take a 10- 15 minute walk along Bocobo Street. Jong-lo is located at the left side of the street. You can also take a grabcar from LRT Pedro Gil to Jong-Lo if you’d like to free yourself from sweat. 🙂 Dine and have fun!


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