Way To Go Beaching

Have you made plans to combat the summer heat? Oh, well, it’s almost the end of this season, but every day is apparently scorching hot and I know what you guys have in minds when it comes to conquering these sweaty days – the Beach! However, beaches near Manila are frequented by a whopping crowd, so you search the net and find where to go to bask under the sun in a crowd less beach. Have you found any? If not, let me help you find a beach to enjoy without the hassle of the crowd and – wait, there’s more – this little peace of paradise for travelers is cheap at twice the price if you find a real good deal.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet

It was another Monday for Team Arizona after the long planned and most awaited summer break at our little haven in Tali Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas. It’s a 2 hour drive from Manila to Batangas less the traffic. It’s a must to book a week before hitting Tali Beach because scouting or any ocular inspection is prohibited inside and the guards on duty are quite strict in validating the Beach house guests. By the way, Tali Beach is not considered as a resort, but a private beach to Tali house owners (only). They only allow entry of guests upon presenting a printed copy of the email from the HOA Secretary Miss Pinky/Ryzza.

Hi. Kuya Guard!
Hi. Kuya Guard!

The same Beach House 15 at Tali Beach which served as our humble abode for 22 hours is owned by Mr. Dominique Muleta whom I never had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with. It is located at Blk 1 L1 Tali Beach Dr cor., Bayview Dr (2nd Intersection across far east barracks). Because this is our 2nd time, I tried to drive the price down for accommodation and in return, I promised to recommend his place to my friends. It feels like going back to your hometown. The Beach House can accommodate 12 pax and is only good for one group or family (for privacy purposes, I guess). The house is equipped with cooking utensils from pots to knives, there is also a gas range, a fridge and everything necessary for cooking. The grilling station is located outside the dining area. Albeit things are readily available, it’s still a must to bring your own plates, spoons & forks and a brand new sponge for washing tableware.

The Beach’s main attraction is the 30 ft high Cliff that will send shivers down your spine by just looking down when you’re at the top. For the second time around, only one from our group braved tossing off herself from the cliff despite being nuzzled by the friendly jelly fishes basking in the warm water and the not so threatening waves. Even our male driver retreated when he saw what would likely embrace him once he slumped over. This time, the cliff isn’t ours alone. Families and other groups seemed to have discovered this Not-Anymore-Hidden haven for us. Oh, well, it’s summer, what to expect? Anyhow, we managed to enjoy the day. Compared to other public beaches, the crowd is really lesser and isn’t suffocating enough to barely hear yourself think. What we like about being here is the absence of noise from the city. The only things you’ll hear are the sound of the waves or your own guffaw.

The Cliff
The Cliff

The second day was spent cliff jumping and beach hopping. Surprisingly, they now offer other attraction such as Banana boating and Island hopping. We tried the Banana boat ride, of course. Too bad that our goPros ran out of batteries just before we capture moments like this. The overall experience was indeed A-OK. A two-day-one-night vacation in this little peaceful paradise is worth the while and fair enough to be free from life-stressing issues. Here is the place where you can have your head in the clouds and to charge up for another busy life in the city. 🙂


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For accommodation in Tali beach, please contact Mr. Dominique Muleta: 09399371952

For transpo, please contact our Driver Robert Floren: 09153111742

*Vehicles such as Jeepney, Bus and Trike are not allowed, hence you should have your own ride as there are no other means of transport inside.

Please take time to watch our video here:

Revised Edition ( http://msvirusz.tumblr.com/post/112688693588/tali-beaching-march-2-2015-a-plan-unplanned-a )

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