Of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

I’ve already written about the writing seminar I attended last March 1st on my previous post, but I didn’t include the gastronomic fulfillment my son and I had during the event. Irene informed me a day before the seminar that I can bring my son to the event, provided that he’s below 4ft – he’ll have free access to the swimming pool/ watch movie at the cafe’s entertainment area and at most – he’ll have perks of feasting at the kid’s buffet. Surely, he’ll love that, I thought.

Where was this held?

At Cafe Eight in Crimson Hotel Filinvest, Alabang.Ā It offers Sunday family Brunch which serves variety of food. Well, predominantly continental with of course, some Asian cuisines for adults. As a habit, before I grab a plate and put something on it, I loiter around to see which of which I’d like to have. I really didn’t pay full attention to the food to be honest, because, I was never fond of eating luxuriously. I find it hard to pick what to eat since there are lots of food to choose from; veggie salads with dressing, potato and bacon salad, mixed vegetables, Thai beef salad, salmon and Caesar salad, various cheeses, bread and butter pudding, tiramisu, bluberry cheesecake, red fruit charlotte, chocolate brownie, macaroons, fruit tart, creampuff, breads that you can spread with butter, strawberry jam, orange marmalade or honey, there are also fresh seafood like shrimps, mussels, oysters, a Japanese station for maki, sushi and sashimi lovers, pasta, crepe or omelette, the usual fresh fruits, ice cream and halo-halo, parfait, orange cheesecake, leche flan, strawberry mille feuille and red velvet.

My child, on the other hand, who is seated on a high chair, busied himself by surveying our company, I fled to grab his food at the Kids’ Buffet section and seriously, I find it very exciting for him so, I decided to go back and grab him too, so he can choose what he wants to eat (LOL, he’s just 1 year old so how can he make his own choices?). Anyway, he pointed at the Mac and cheese, which he had a Love at First Sight. And, as the very supportive mom, I got him 2 scoops of it. Before I forgot, Crimson Hotel promotes health by using organic material such as bamboo utensils for the kids. How cool is that? Even the design merited a fascinated smile from me. I also snatched 2 colored macaroons, sprinkled chocoball and that little chocolate cake filled with strawberry ice cream like thingy… Hahaha, I barely know the name. Andre can’t get enough of the Mac and Cheese because it’s just right for his taste. He had a taste of sweets, but eventually just ignored them and feasted with mac and cheese alone. I guess my kid’s sweet tooth vacated its place that time.

Buffet isn’t really for me, not only that it gives me a run for my money, but also, I really don’t enjoy an array of food at a buffet table. I would only indulge on some seafood and Japanese’ cuisine. How pathetic my taste bud is… I love the oyster dipped into a bit sweet and spicy vinegar. I will never get over the shrimp (heaven!). And, of course, my all time favorite California maki. This time, I didn’t only try the calimaki I also had sushi and sashimi. It indeed satisfied my gastronomic quest for Japanese food. I can’t wait to have more. I failed to be loyal to my favorites as I also tried some of their mouth watering dishes such as the lamb meat skewer and the usual beef dish. I didn’t bat an eyelash to food which were cooked in a complicated manner. Hahaha!

Aside from basking at the buffet, my kid apparently fancied the made up playground in the entertainment area. There is a swing, slide, basketball and lots of balloons he can play along with. There’s also an activity area where he can vandal legally (kidding) — what I meant is, there’s an activity table where he can draw and paint. Kids and kids at heart can also watch an animated film in the made up cinema in the same area. I was also informed that the kids could also make use of the swimming pool from 2PM-4PM for free — again, if the child is 4 ft below. In Andre’s case, having a traumatic experience at the pool excluded him from basking in the water.

some photos are courtesy of event photographer Steph Chan
some photos are courtesy of event photographer Steph Chan
Sweet ā¤
baskin’ on a made up playground
fun with balloons
Center table šŸ™‚
hmmm, you won’t finish that, I bet!
fillet and veggies?
His coveted Mac and Cheese with sweets as decoration (these are made of bamboo except the food of course)
Mommy’s poor plating #1
poorer plating šŸ˜¦
Apple of the Eye šŸ™‚
Most Favorite šŸ™‚
uuuggh! Can’t wait to taste it..
Poorest plating :-(((
Pretending to be drawing…
Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset
Kids buffet 1
Kids buffet 2
Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset
Height matters
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Entertainment Area
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Kids Buffet 3















Rating? 5 out of 5. This is Andre and I’s 1st buffet experience in a hotel so I don’t have anything to compare it with and I’m looking forward for more. #CrimsonSundayBrunch at Cafe Eight in Crimson Hotel is one of the best Sunday experiences my kid and I had. If you want to relish this kind of activity, visit Cafe Eight at Crimson Hotel in Filinvest, Alabang every Sunday. They offer a wide array of menu which changes every week, in PHP 1,600 net. You can also enjoy unlimited mimosas, local beer, house wine with the juices, if you get the PHP 2,100 net package.

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